Sunday, August 31, 2014

DIY's & Thrift Store Gets

Okay, so I had a little Goodwill adventure the other day. I had wanted to get over there for a while, but never made any concrete plans. I was in the neighborhood that day though so I decided to pop in. 

I knew I wanted to get specific things, I had originally was looking for like an old grandpa sweater, but Goodwill still has all their summer stuff out, so to no avail. Then I remembered I wanted to do a DIY based on either the Jac Vanek or Pyrex Vision Flannels. So I got these babies from the men's section.

I got this hat too, just because I thought it looked cool. It says "Hershey Hunting Camp" In case you're wondering, I couldn't get a good angle on it when I took the picture,

On with the DIY:

You're gonna need:
*Button-up of your choosing
*Fabric Paint (preferably white)
*White crayon or Chalk
*Sponge, Q-tip, or paint brush

Okay, I am a terrible blogger and I forgot to take pictures in between steps. But it's super easy! All you need to do is use your chalk or crayon to map out the saying you want, I decided to word for word copy the Jac Vanek tops. You do you though  ^_^. 

Here are the originals. :

Next you want to use your sponge or whatever, to pain over your outline.
Follow the directions on your fabric paint, and there you have it you have your own Jac Vanek inspired Flannel tops.

Here's mine :

I also made this china jewelry holder, I should have once again taken before pics but, I was too excited  to make it. I got the idea from LaurDiy.

And here's the aftermath of me trying it out:

I believe that is it for now.
Kthnxbai, lovelies.