Monday, December 15, 2014

So, My Bedroom's Done

My beautiful bed, with all my little friends on it. 

There's actually two canopies there, if you can tell. The pink one in the front is actually one I stole from my little sister. The lavender one in the back I actually got like a bazillion years ago. I DIY'd it and took the hoop out, it's like push pinned to the ceiling all types of ways.

My window, with all the fairy lights. You can see my little TV over there in the corner.

One of my Bookshelves, all the books I haven't sold, on the first shelf is, speaker and some random beauty stuff on the others. 

The wall above my desk. My beloved Viva La Juicy, La Fleur Magazine Clipping, a Walt Disney Quote from I card I got when I graduated, pretty Pantone paint swatches, photo booth pics, Pac Sun ad clippings, and lastly my tiny Florida licence.

My bed, desk space, and my window.

I'm lame and I keep Perrier bottles, and I use them as vases because I think I'm in Lady and the Tramp.

Ya see!

Okay it's almost 4 AM, I have to go to bed now.
Night lovelies <3.