Monday, June 20, 2016

Just clearing out my blog photos folder and I found this outfit post from back in the winter months. I was going for a Calvin Klein inspired boys look, but instead drummed up whatever the hell this is. It's still cute tho.

Jacket: Old Navy, Mens section
Crop Top: WetSeal
Hanes Boxers (Women)
Belt: Target
Jeans: Hollister

That's all folks, 

Monday, June 6, 2016

H O W . i . D O . M Y . B R O W S

Just a quick little brow tutorial, on how I do my eyebrows. I don't wax, pluck or tweeze my brows anymore just fill em in and keep it movin'. So if you wanna look like the laziest baddie on the block,  watch the video above will yah and learn how.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Everyday Makeup Routine

So like, two-weeks ago I posted a makeup speed through on youtube. I figured I can post the link to the video here, cause I can. I'll list the products here too. I like a lot of red on my face for the record. I have no idea why, I don't even like the color red, but I think it looks good on my face. And I abuse highlighter and make my face look wet it's my new favorite.

These are my everyday products, I've noticed I've become very face centric, whereas in the past I was solely focused on eyes. You live and learn I guess.

That is it for now, goodbye for now.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Start of a Hair Journey

As a Black girl, my hair has always been an important part of my appearance. For as long as I can remember I've had a relaxer and I have never seen my natural hair. I never had supremely long “pretty” hair, but I remember as a kid being the only little girl with her hair out. While all the other girls had twists or braids with bobbles and colorful hair elastics, my hair was out and straight. The other girls were always touching or messing with my hair.

        I'm rambling, but you can see how much my hair has been a part of the way other people see me. I loved my hair, but that is the key word, loved. Past tense. Recently (July 26, 2015) I took the scissors to my head and cut it all off. I was already in the process of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. I was two or three months post relaxer and just decided to stop. I was experiencing extreme breakage. My hair wasn't showing it but every time I combed my hair it was evident, and laying on the floor around me.

        I had decided to get it cropped short to cut of the split ends and rotate into cutting all the relaxer out. About a week later I gave up, went into my bathroom and big chopped.

After all that I washed and air-dried my hair, and it was terrible.
I just couldn't work it out. I tried to do a twist-out, nah. I tried to ponytail it, double nah. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I sat down watched a bunch of big chop videos and did the damn thing.

So, otherwise this story is open ended. I want to grow out my hair and enjoy every part of my journey. I'll keep you posted lovelies.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Artsy Bullshit Photo Dump #1

These are just a bunch of pictures I took randomly. None of which are staged to look a certain way or anything. Lately,  I've been really sensitive to seeing the beauty in regular things or how aestheticly pleasing certain shapes can look. I've been trying to capture them. I only use my iPhone 6 and the "Instant" filter that is on the iPhone camera.
 ^ - ^



Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

So early this morning I posted my OOTD from Christmas Eve and now I'm going to show off my New Year's Eve OOTN. I'm not going out or any thing I just thought that I could get dressed up for myself (and Ryan Seacrest) for tonight.

My playsuit is from Wetseal, and I just have on random accessories that I had around. Since I'm not going out I'm going to just wear slippers with my ensemble, glamorous. 

Here's my make-up too, while I'm at it. 

For the record I lightly edited my scars because BB-cream can only cover so much. I put a pretty filter on it too. So onlookers have been for warned. 

I felt like if I got really cute and dresses up it would set off my new year on a high note since I usually wake up at like 12PM on NYE and feel crusty for the day, and the rest of the year call it superstition I guess. Maybe it will make a difference! 

Happy new year lovelies! 

Christmas Eve 2014

Just for perspective on how bad my procrastination is, I am typing this out at 6 AM on New Years Eve. I have issues, but this is what I wore on Christmas Eve this year. The only thing I really did was go nesessity shopping with my mom  between Wal-Mart and Target. So with out any further delay I give you my outfit.

My necklace says "You can't sit with us", it's a national treasure. 

Necklace: Rainbow
Sweater: Banana Republic men's
Skirt: Forever21
And I wore matte black Dr. Marten's boots on my feets. 

Yeah that's about it really so I hope everyone has a super good rest of their holiday and gets stuffed on too much food. 

G'Night/ G'Morning lovelies!