Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

So early this morning I posted my OOTD from Christmas Eve and now I'm going to show off my New Year's Eve OOTN. I'm not going out or any thing I just thought that I could get dressed up for myself (and Ryan Seacrest) for tonight.

My playsuit is from Wetseal, and I just have on random accessories that I had around. Since I'm not going out I'm going to just wear slippers with my ensemble, glamorous. 

Here's my make-up too, while I'm at it. 

For the record I lightly edited my scars because BB-cream can only cover so much. I put a pretty filter on it too. So onlookers have been for warned. 

I felt like if I got really cute and dresses up it would set off my new year on a high note since I usually wake up at like 12PM on NYE and feel crusty for the day, and the rest of the year call it superstition I guess. Maybe it will make a difference! 

Happy new year lovelies! 

Christmas Eve 2014

Just for perspective on how bad my procrastination is, I am typing this out at 6 AM on New Years Eve. I have issues, but this is what I wore on Christmas Eve this year. The only thing I really did was go nesessity shopping with my mom  between Wal-Mart and Target. So with out any further delay I give you my outfit.

My necklace says "You can't sit with us", it's a national treasure. 

Necklace: Rainbow
Sweater: Banana Republic men's
Skirt: Forever21
And I wore matte black Dr. Marten's boots on my feets. 

Yeah that's about it really so I hope everyone has a super good rest of their holiday and gets stuffed on too much food. 

G'Night/ G'Morning lovelies!

Monday, December 15, 2014

So, My Bedroom's Done

My beautiful bed, with all my little friends on it. 

There's actually two canopies there, if you can tell. The pink one in the front is actually one I stole from my little sister. The lavender one in the back I actually got like a bazillion years ago. I DIY'd it and took the hoop out, it's like push pinned to the ceiling all types of ways.

My window, with all the fairy lights. You can see my little TV over there in the corner.

One of my Bookshelves, all the books I haven't sold, on the first shelf is, speaker and some random beauty stuff on the others. 

The wall above my desk. My beloved Viva La Juicy, La Fleur Magazine Clipping, a Walt Disney Quote from I card I got when I graduated, pretty Pantone paint swatches, photo booth pics, Pac Sun ad clippings, and lastly my tiny Florida licence.

My bed, desk space, and my window.

I'm lame and I keep Perrier bottles, and I use them as vases because I think I'm in Lady and the Tramp.

Ya see!

Okay it's almost 4 AM, I have to go to bed now.
Night lovelies <3.